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Andrew Neil MacLeod is a Scottish writer and musician with a keen interest in British history and Celtic myth and legend. In the noughties, Andrew’s band were signed to Warner Brothers, giving Keith Richards a run for his money as they toured the length and breadth of Britain with bands such as The Libertines.

Andrew has since taken up writing as a means of artistic expression. For the last seven years he has lived and worked in places as diverse as Malta, Abu Dhabi, Dubai and best of all, Le Marais, Paris, while working on his first two novels. Andrew has recently bought a holiday home on a remote Scottish island, which he will be renovating with his adored wife Amber and little Shi Tzu Alex. He looks forward to long walks on the beach, fish and chips by the pier, and cozy nights in before the log fire with a wee dram, while he works on his third novel. He also makes a great Cullen Skink.

Andrew’s debut novel, ‘The Casebook of Johnson and Boswell Vol. I: The Fall of the House of Thomas Weir’ will be published by Burning Chair in 2021.

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